VS Code Go Joins Go Project

The VS Code extension for Go is officially joining the Go project. The extension is now used by 41 percent of Go developers, according to the Go developer survey.

The VS Code extension has been developed jointly by Microsoft's VS Code team and the Go community through both code contributions and integration with over a dozen independently maintained tools.

The reasoning behind the move from Microsoft to the Go project is that as the extension has grown in popularity and as the ecosystem expands, it requires more maintenance and support. The Go team has already been working on the extension, and began a new initiative to improve the tools powering all Go editor extensions, with a focus on supporting the Language Server Protocol with gopls and the Debug Adapter Protocol with Delve.

This has led to the new phase, where the VS Code extension for Go is officially joining the Go project. In reality, the only visible changes will be a change of the publisher of the plugin from "Microsoft" to "Go Team at Google", and a move for the project’s repository to join the rest of the Go project. 

The VS Code team will continue to work together with the rest of the Go project. More generally, the process for contributing will now be the same as for the rest of the Go project. Go team members will offer general help in the #vscode channel on Gophers Slack, and they’ve also created a #vscode-dev channel to discuss issues and brainstorm ideas with contributors.

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